Pershing FAQs

Where do I drop off in the morning?

Students can arrive at school starting at 8am. For safety reasons, students that are not enrolled in Dramatic Ed are not allowed on campus prior to 8am as there is no staff available to supervise students before this time.  All students that come to school by car need to be dropped off in the car line. Enter the car line on Overlake Ave and follow to the front of the school. Please do not get out of the car in the car line. Students need to be ready to exit on the passenger side of the car. Staff/patrols will assist your child with exiting the car. The car line entrance on Overlake Ave will close at 8:42am. Enter the parking lot on Pershing Ave after 8:42am.

Where does my child enter the campus if they are a walker or bike rider?

Students will enter on Pershing Ave on the sidewalk near the crossing guard and car line/bus loop exit, through the Overlake Ave. entrance or through the Gatlin Oaks gate (this gate will only be open from 8:00-8:15 each morning).

Where will the crossing guards be located?

At the intersection of Ferncreek Ave and Pershing Ave, and the intersection of Bumby Ave and Pershing Ave. There will also be a crossing guard on Pershing Ave at the Northeast corner of the school property to help students crossing Pershing Ave.  A map of recommended safe walking routes is located under the school information tab.

What if my child is late (tardy) to school?

Park in a parking spot and walk your child to the front office to sign and receive a tardy slip. Office staff will help your child get to class. Remember 5 tardies equals 1 unexcused absence. All tardies are unexcused. Please remember the car line gate entrance on Overlake Ave will be closed every day at 8:42 am. Please enter the parking lot from Pershing Ave, park, and walk your child to the office.

Are there before and after school Programs?

Dramatic Education will provide before and after school care on campus for grades K-8 starting at 6:45am and ending at 6pm. More information and registration is available at dramaticeducation.com or on our school website under the Parents Tab - Extended Day

Is there Day Care pickup after school?

Several Day Cares in our area provide transportation from Pershing School after school to their place of business. Please contact the daycare to find out if they pick up and drop off at Pershing School.

Where do we get school supply information?

2023-2024 School supply lists for each grade level are posted on our school website under the students tab. If you have additional questions, please contact the front office.

Where do we get school spirit shirts?

Spirit wear is available for purchase through PTSO shirt campaigns that are run at specific times during the school year. For questions contact: [email protected] or https://pershingptso.weebly.com/#/

*If there is a shirt campaign currently open the link will be available under the student information tab

What are the Dismissal Procedures?

 Please be sure to tell your child’s teacher how your child will go home from school (car rider, walker, after school care, daycare, bus). Send a note anytime there is a change to how your child will go home from school or if they will be going home with a different person. Anyone who is authorized to pick up your child will be required to show a state issued ID or car tag. The car line entrance gate on Overlake Ave will open at 2:30 M, T, Th, F/1:30 on Wednesday. You will receive a car hangtag with your child’s assigned number on it. Car tags can be picked up during meet the teacher events or in the front office. Students walking or biking home will be dismissed either northbound at Pershing Ave. Crossing Guard, the west entrance Overlake Ave. sidewalk exit or Southbound through Gatlin Oaks gate.  All students that go home from school by car need to be picked in the car line.

How do I get a Car Tag?

All families will be assigned a car tag number and will receive 2 tags. Additional car tags will be available for purchase. Car tag pick up will be available at our Meet the Teacher events. If you are not able to attend, please pick up your car tags at the front office. Students are only released to an adult with a car tag in the car line.  Teachers will not be allowed to put any child into a car unless there is a 2023-2024 Pershing School car tag visible. This will help identify your car as associated with the school in case of emergency or traffic issue in the neighborhood. The car tag can also be used as a means of identification for a severe weather dismissal.

What is the Severe Weather Dismissal Procedure?

We ask for everyone’s safety during a weather delayed dismissal that parents please wait until the severe weather has passed and all students have been released to pick up. Parents/Guardians picking up during the weather delay will need to park and pick students up from the front office. A car tag or government issued ID will be required.

What do I do if I need to pick up my child early?

Park in a parking spot and go to the front office and let them know your child’s name, teacher, and reason for leaving. Office staff will help you check your child out. Please note: students cannot be checked out 30 minutes prior to dismissal (2:30 pm and 1:30 pm on Wednesdays).

What is the procedure if I want to have lunch with my child?

Parent/Guardian Lunch with Student Guidelines

 -Each adult coming for lunch with their student will need to sign up in ADDitions for the lunch time slot for their child's grade level by 8am on the day of.(Lunch slots are available on most Thursdays and Fridays.)

 -Parents/guardians must bring photo ID and your ADDitions System User ID/password for check in to our volunteer management system.     (To recover Username or reset password: go to: ocps.samaritan.com click login at the top; down on the left click forgot username/password)

 -Due to limited space, parents will sit outside on the patio at the designated picnic tables with their student for lunch.

 -Parents can only have lunch with their own child/children.

 -Parents must let the cafeteria staff know the student is outside and watch the time to return inside for lunch dismissal.

 -Parents must sign in and out of the office and wear a badge at all times.

 -Adults may purchase school lunch for $3.75. Please bring exact change.

 - Younger siblings are not permitted to come with parents for lunch.

 -If you are not able to make it to the lunch slot, please remove yourself from the slot in your ADDitions account to allow other parents the opportunity.

Thank you!                                                                                        Updated 7/19/23

Can I bring treats or goodie bags for my child's birthday?

Treats/Snacks: Elementary parents may bring in a treat/snacks for their child’s birthday. Contact your child’s teacher to arrange the day/time and check for allergies in the class. OCPS outside food guidelines apply: items must be store bought, opened in front of the teacher, and the receipt and label must be given to the teacher to complete the outside food documentation form.

Goodie Bags: 
Elementary (K-5) parents/guardians may bring in goodie bags for their birthday student to pass out to the class if they choose to. 1 per student in the classroom. All food/candy items must be store bought and individually packaged. Goodie bags are to be passed out at the end of the school day and opened at home. Parent/Guardian will need to contact the teacher before sending in goodie bags.

Which grades will have recess?

ALL elementary level grades (K-5) will have recess daily.

What sports are offered?

We have the following middle school (grades 6-8) sports teams: soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track. OCPS physical packets must be completed to try out for sports teams. The packet can be found on the school website and copies are available in the front office.

My student has an IEP. Will I need to do anything to get this transferred?

If you have any questions regarding your student’s IEP or services at Pershing School, please contact our staffing specialist, Ms. Padilla at [email protected]

Will you offer gifted services?

All elementary students at Pershing School who qualify for the gifted program, will receive gifted services through their assigned teacher. Middle school students who are gifted will receive their services through one of their content area or elective classes.

Will there be school news crew?

Our school news crew will include middle school students. The news/morning announcements will be available for all students to watch daily.

What safety provisions are in place for the school campus?

There is a 6ft fence around the entire property. In addition, primary entry points require an employee ID badge to be scanned for entry. The front office door is protected by a video doorbell and requires visitors to be “buzzed in” before entering the office and again before accessing the door to the main building.

Will there be a school resource officer?

An Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy will be on campus daily.

How do I register to volunteer at Pershing?

  Additions School Volunteer Opportunity Sign Up Information

How to sign up:

1. Go to: https://ocps.samaritan.com
2. At the top click search
3. Scroll down to opportunity type: click volunteers
4. In the search school box type  Pershing - then click on Pershing School

> A list of opportunities will come up on the right side of the page.

> Click on the Become a School ADDitions Volunteer with Pershing Opportunity 
(You can also sign up for additional opportunities with Pershing)

>Click the blue sign up button

If you are a returning OCPS volunteer previously registered in the system, click Login. If you are a new OCPS and have not previously registered as a volunteer, click New Volunteer to register. It is recommended to update/register using a computer.

Returning Volunteers: If you are unsure of your password or username, you can click “forgot password or username”.

Once you are registered for the 23/24 school year you can return to the opportunity search page to sign up for additional opportunities at Pershing School. 

New for 2023-2024 all volunteers must watch the Standard Response Protocol Training video before being placed in an opportunity and volunteering on campus.

Reminder: ADDitions applications must be updated each school year.  Please apply/update your application early in the year. 

All volunteers will be asked for photo ID at check in and required to wear a badge at all times while on campus. 

Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Slauter [email protected]      

How do I find out more about the Pershing School Foundation?

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If you have additional questions or need additional assistance, please contact the front office at 407-858-3160